About TSS

At TSS, we share your passion for high-caliber automotive racing!  We focus on maximizing your driving time at events, providing you with new and exciting driving experiences, and creating a positive social environment through a network of like-minded drivers.

In order to accomplish those goals, most of our driving events are private and not open to the public.  This structure yields relaxed grass-roots style events.  With respect to cutting edge driving experiences, every year we try out different exploratory concepts at various venues so we can host new driving events for you.  Exploring and testing new event ideas is how the exclusive Texas Invitational: Automotive Airfield Exhibition and the popular Quick 30 drag racing event series were created.  Our efforts to provide you with unique driving options is constant process so check the TSS website and forum frequently for our latest advances.  Our online forum and social media pages keeps our drivers and the public informed.  Over the past 5 years we have developed an extensive online network for drivers to communicate/network with each other before, during, and after events.  Join in the discussion on our forum, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Nothing “about us” on this page would be possible without you – our drivers, sponsors, and community.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to see you all out at our upcoming events.  To reach TSS, please email info@texasspeedsyndicate.com or reach us by regular mail at PO Box 131162 Houston, Texas 77219-1162.