TI General Information

Note: Our last TI was held in October 2017.  We are working on system improvements for our roll racing concept.  Once properly vetted, we will put another TI event on the calendar.  Thank you for your patience. 

Without a doubt, the Texas Invitational (“TI”) is the pinnacle of high-caliber automotive airfield competition in the United States.  TI was developed in 2010 in an effort to create a new breed of automobile competition.  Not only was the event novel at the time, it started the trend of airfield racing across the country.  TI is now renowned for harvesting the fastest street cars in the world for side-by-side straight line acceleration.  TI is guaranteed to provide you with the most unique and challenging driving experience of its kind.

In general, TI is a fully private event held at the Caddo Mills Municipal Airfield near Dallas, Texas. Over the course of the event, drivers engage one another in three classes with the King of the Streets class being the most coveted. TI is not a “trap speed” competition.  It is an elimination competition.  Drivers for TI are hand-picked and consist of late model sports cars. For a nuts and bolts explanation of the TI structure and driving format, please visit the TI section on the TSS Forum.  You can also view the videos in the right hand column to see what the TI experience is all about.

TI is held twice year (spring and fall).  To register for the most prestigious airfield event in the country, please complete the TI tech form here and visit the TSS Forum to join the TI discussion and learn more TI details.