PGI Registration and Tech Form


PGI: Driver Registration and Tech Form

  • Driver Information

  • Provide a phone number that can receive text messages from TSS staff please.
  • Enter "n/a" or leave blank if none.
  • Sizes based on "Flex-Fit" style fitted hats.
  • Class Opt-In

  • Remember, the top driver's in each class will populate the elimination ladder and you will have to use fuel provided by our fuel vendor on site to ensure fairness.
  • Driver Acknowledgements

  • Vehicle Information

  • Self Tech Vehicle Inspection

    The owner and/or operator of the vehicle you enter into a TSS event is solely responsible for the safety and operation of the vehicle entered. On your vehicle we encourage you to install fire suppression, a drive shaft loop, run water instead of coolant, install a roll cage and five point harness, and install a "HANS" device.
  • Front tire width must be greater than at least 6 inches wide.
  • Driver Liability

    The term "Driver" as used below means the person input as the driver in the "Driver Background" section of this registration and tech form.
  • Guests

    The Pump Gas Invitational is a private event not open to the public. Drivers can designate their guests below. Drivers will be charged for their guest spots in their PayPal invoice. Sponsors, please communicate your guest lists to TSS via email at