Florida Quick 30 Registration

Our popular Quick 30 1/4 drag racing event will take place Saturday November 9th, 2019 at Palm Beach International Raceway in Palm Beach, Florida.  The format for this event will be very similar to the Quick 30 event we have been holding in Texas for the last 8 years.  FLQ30 will be day event.  Track goes hot from 9am to around 4pm-ish.  This is your chance to drag race for your personal best 1/4 time in a low pressure atmosphere with the best track prep around.  You can grudge run, test and tune, and enjoy a great night of racing like no other in a low pressure atmosphere with no long lines.  Processed drivers get to bring one guest, will receive official TSS swag, and lunch will be catered (all when available).  The event is open to the public to spectate (pay at the gate).  To drive please complete and submit the tech form below.  Once registered, you will receive a PayPal invoice via email for $308.00.  Once you take care of the invoice your position is secured.  Thank you in advance for your support and please email info@texasspeedsyndicate.com with any questions.

Florida Quick 30: Driver Registration and Tech Form

Complete this form if you want to race at FLQ30 and check your email for the TSS PayPal invoice.
  • Driver Information

  • Provide a phone number that can receive text messages from TSS staff please.
  • *apparel availability depends on funding
  • *apparel availability depends on funding
  • Self Tech Vehicle Inspection

    The owner and/or operator of the vehicle you enter this eventl is solely responsible for the safety and operation of the vehicle entered. On your vehicle we encourage you to install fire suppression, a drive shaft loop, run water instead of coolant, install a roll cage and five point harness, and install a "HANS" device.
  • Driver Liability

    The term "Driver" as used below means the person input as the driver in the "Driver Background" section of this registration and tech form.
  • Guests

    Drivers will be allowed to bring one guest as a part of their driver fee. All other guests will pay at the gate. Sponsors, you will get one driver pass and two guests passes - please communicate your guest lists to TSS via email at info@texasspeedsyndicate.com.