TI Operational Rules

These are operational rules for drivers and their guests at TI.  By participating in TI, drivers and guests agree to be bound by the foregoing rules as well as our Global Terms and Conditions.

  1. TI is an “invitational”.  Participation is not an entitlement.  Discretion is used when selecting drivers, regardless of whether a vehicle can pass technical requirements.  Once a driver returns a tech sheet and they are selected, an invitation will be sent to them via email and a PayPal invoice.
  2. Failure to Grid Timely.  Drivers will have a reasonable time (example: 15 minutes) between heats.  TI staff has the absolute authority to disqualify drivers. Grid calls will be announced over the public announcement system.  If a driver misses a grid call the TI staff will disqualify them.
  3. Failure to Stage Timely.  Once you are in the staging lanes, you will be expected to move forward to run your pairing when it is your turn.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  4. Support Vehicles.  No support vehicles will be allowed in the staging lanes.  Perform all icing, mechanical work, and so on exclusively in the pits.
  5. Media.  With the exception of sponsors and approved publications, no media will be allowed outside of the pit and grandstand area.
  6. Police Presence.  The local police department will spot check all persons for compliance with the rules stated herein as well as for credentials to be present at the event.
  7. MPH Indexing.  Speed indexing will take place during the time slot designated for Speed Indexing.  See the TSS forum for the the official TI schedule.  MPH will be logged your speed index will be used to create the competition ladder for classes.  Once the ladder is complete heats will be run in an elimination style similar to an NHRA Pro Ladder.  Last chance indexing is only for drivers who did not index earlier.
  8. Communication.  During the event, do not contact the persons operating TI for personal favors.
  9. How to Run.  Vehicles will be called to line up at the grid over the PA system. Line up single file.  The grid master will release you down the side of the airfield in a single file line to the taxi lane.  Line up on the sides of the taxi lane.  You will be pulled into the middle according to your pairing.  From there vehicles are signaled to line up and do a burn out. Keep your eye on the traffic light as it will be red.  If you are ready to go give the starter a thumbs up. The light will change to yellow and at that point begin pacing to 65mph. Don’t wait for the person next to you to leave, just get up to 65mph and hold. We will have a green flag zone set up. If you are not side by side in the green flag zone you will receive a red light, at which point you need to stop and turn around. After one red light you will receive a lecture from the starter. If you are side by side within a reasonable tolerance (typically a fender) in the green flag zone you will receive a green light and you are free to accelerate at will to the finish line flags. After the checkered flags, slow down immediately. If equipped with a chute, the smarter guys will drive through chute deployment so weight transfer is smooth. Always yield to the vehicle on your RIGHT before turning around.  Do not drive past the cones at the end of the field. When in the taxi lane returning back up maintain a minimum speed of 80mph. Unless directed otherwise, return to the pit area after your run.
  10. No pets allowed.
  11. No cooking equipment allowed.
  12. No consumption of alcohol allowed.
  13. No overnight camping permitted.
  14. Dispose of all trash and effluents in the receptacles provided at the Event.  Do not dispose of any trash or effluent in the grassy area surrounding the Parking area or the Parking area itself.
  15. Park trucks and trailers on the grass.  Operate your vehicles at crawl speed in the pit area. Do not use the pit area for vehicle testing or tuning requiring movement of a motor vehicle.  For example, (a) no burnouts (b) no tuning requiring movement of the vehicle (c) no testing requiring movement of the vehicle and (d) no engine revving.
  16. Guests park their vehicles on the north side of the airfield hanger, not in the pit area.
  17. Always wear a helmet when operating your vehicle.
  18. If your vehicle becomes in operable or loses any effluent, stop your vehicle as safely and quickly as possible so our clean up crew can assess the situation.  Do not change lanes.
  19. All drivers and spectators must sign both waivers before entering the premises.  The parents/guardians of any minors must sign a separate waiver on behalf of their minor guests.
  20. This event is not open to the public at large.
  21. Drivers, their guest(s), and Volunteers will be given a wristband upon entering the event premises.  All persons entering the event premises must wear and agree to wear a wristband on their right wrist at all times while present at the event.
  22. All vehicles must display their assigned number on each side of their vehicle.
  23. It is your responsibility to keep your personal items secure all times and your vehicle locked at all times.