VN & Q30 General Information

Note: Thank you for your interest in the Viper National.  We have a limited amount of drag racing events every year and do not have another Viper National on the calendar currently.  As soon as we are ready to go live with another Viper (Dodge) focused event we will post up here. 


General: Our next 1/4 mile drag racing event will be a combined Viper National and Quick 30.   In general, the track will go hot at 9am, we break for lunch at 12, and race until 4pm.  The event is open to the public to spectate but limited to around 40 drivers.  This is your chance to 1/4 mile drag race with your friends in a relaxed environment and to visit with supporting sponsors to see the latest technology and products for modern and muscle car platforms.  Drivers will be able to make single lane passes, grudge passes, and compete in the classes outlined below. If you have been to our drag racing events before you know we will stay on top of track prep from start to finish so that you can click off your best times. ET slips will be printed after your passes and the ET/MPH lights will be operational.

Registration and Classes: First, tech in online here.  Once your form is submitted, you will receive a PayPal invoice via email.  Once you have paid you will receive a position on the driver roster here.  The online tech form will have a class selection spot.  Once done with that, you are ready for the event.  At the event, race-tech starts at 8am sharp.  Come to the oak tree in the staging lanes with your vehicle to complete a tech card.  The track goes hot a 9am.  During the day we will track driver’s speeds and at 4pm we will take the top two fastest drivers to run a final one race elimination.  So for example, the top two fastest in any platform will square off in the Unlimited Class, the top to fastest 5th Gens will square off for a final run in that class, and so on.  Anyone can compete in the Unlimited Class but the 5th gen and Normally Aspirated classes are Viper-centric.

Basic details:

Where: Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas.
When: Sunday April 9th, 2016 from 9am-5pm
Type: 1/4 drag racing
Classes: (1) Normally aspirated “n/a” (Dodge Only No Nitrous)  (2) 5th Gen (Viper Only Run What Ya Brung) and (3) Unlimited (drivers will be handpicked from tech forms)
Sponsors: If any other shops are interested in sponsoring the VN, please email

To maximize your driving time we will impose a limit of around 40 drivers. The cost to driver at the VN is $308. DRIVER REGISTRATION LINK. Read more about the event on the TSS Forum.